We recently went to a Same Sky event on 57th street and thought this was such a good cause. Tomorrow at the Chelsea Art Museum, you can have guilt free shopping in the fight against hunger and poverty in Africa! Same Sky will be selling their beautiful glass-beaded bracelets made by women in Rwanda.
December 8th, 2009
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Chelsea Art Museum
(556 West 22nd Street at 11th Ave)

John And Margo Catsimatidis With Rick
And Francine Lefrak And Rita Cosby

Jean Shafiroff

Cindy Adams And Francine LeFrak

The United Nations estimates more than 250,000 women were raped, and as a result, infected with HIV/AIDS on a massive scale during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. The majority of these women living with HIV/AIDS are destitute. To rebuild their lives and communities it is essential these women are given the opportunity to earn an income and provide food, education, and healthcare for their families. Same Sky does just that. Same Sky is a trade-not-aid initiative in Rwanda. They provide employment opportunities to women struggling to lift themselves out of poverty. Instead of a hand-out, they give these women a hand up and the chance to rebuild their lives. Money is independence, and independence is dignity and choice. Same Sky listened to the women, and their overwhelming cry was - We want the opportunity to work! Same Sky invested in these women’s future and they invite you to join us in supporting them. The sale of Same Sky bracelets directly supports these women working in artisan cooperatives in Rwanda. These women artisans are able to earn substantially more than the average wage of most women in sub-Saharan Africa. Working in these cooperatives, the women find a forum where they can openly discuss and begin to tackle the social concerns of their communities such as poverty, family planning, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women. For these women, joining a cooperative can be the first step toward, not only, financial stability but rehabilitation, and hope for the future. Same Sky is partnered with, Gahaya Links, an organization that employs local Rwandan women. Gahaya Links is an inspirational advocate for women in Rwanda working to bring them out of the shadows and lift them and their families out of poverty.To place an order visit our online gallery, email Same Sky at, or call 917. 668.9301. Click Here to visit their website.....

Every Woman-One Dream

Mary Fisher is an artist, author and speaker who travels the world advocating for those who share her HIV-positive status. In 2006 UNAIDS appointed Mary Fisher an ambassador on HIV/AIDS issues, honoring her work especially with women and children. She has worked in and around Rwanda for years and was the first to teach artisans in this area the style of crochet Same Sky now uses. The design of Same Sky bracelets is inspired by her artistry and work.
Photos By: James Edstrom