Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's little sister, has reportedly called off her expected wedding to the father of her daughter, just months after she denied gossip of a breakup. The singers younger sister hit the headlines at age 16 when she announced she was expecting a child with her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, who she swore she was going to marry. Following the birth of their daughter, Maddie Briann, last June, the very young couple became the subject of fervent tabloid speculation, which suggested they were living apart after Aldridge cheated on Spears. The "Zoey 101" star came forward in October to deny the persistent infidelity rumors and to re-iterate her plans to tie the knot with her beau. But now the 17-year-old is said to have canned her plans for marriage with Aldridge once and for all after deciding she doesn't need an official ceremony to make her happy. A source tells OK!, "The wedding's off. They are still in love, living together and very happy, but they have no plans to get married. Jamie Lynn has everything she wants and feels no need for a ring and piece of paper." And the publication also alleges that Spears has also decided to give up her successful acting career, so she can focus on raising her child. The source also adds: "She has told friends and family she's never coming back to Hollywood. She feels that part of her life is over. Jamie Lynn enjoyed every minute of doing Zoey, but since she's had Maddie, her life has changed completely. "She's happy being a real hands-on Southern mother and hopes to continue that for years to come with Casey right by her side. Jamie Lynn knows she needs to make a living when she grows older, so she's already discussing her career options with advisers. She wants Maddie to grow up in comfort."