This is a must see video of Tom Cruise's 42nd birthday party thrown by Scientologists in honor of their famous follower.The five minute clip shows Cruise entering the party room to loud applause, apparently with Scientology head honcho David Miscavige and Cruise's sister and former publicist Lee Anne DeVette by his side.The theme for Cruise's hit 1986 film Top Gun blares from a rock band on stage as high-octane scenes from the flick show on a big screen in the background.More hooting and hollering follows before the band kicks off with a rendition of the Mission: Impossible theme with another montage screened.But the highlight is Cruise's impromptu duet with a female singer, belting out Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" in a tribute to his breakout film Risky Business. Cruise throws his arm in the air at one point, revealing what appears to be a large sweat patch on his shirt.


Anonymous said…
What a freak. They treat him like a make believe God.

I kinda still like him as an actor, but he's weird.
Anonymous said…
actually i enjoyed was good to see tom acting "normal" and spontaneous...go tom....cut that rug brutha!.