Someone sent us a link to this YouTube video on Barack Obama and his wife. I find it very interesting if everything in the videos are true, which I suspect are. We also must mention, that Times Square Gossip has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President Of The United States. We believe she is the only one with the experience to fix this country and I am a republican. We need strong leadership now and after looking at all the Debates and listened to everyone, I firmly believe Hillary Clinton is the proven leader !


Anonymous said…
James -
If you are going to start putting up viral videos of candidates you DO NOT endorse, I hope you also start to put up the videos and accusations made against the candidates you DO ENDORSE! There are plenty out there against Hillary!! And can you please post all the "experience" that Hillary has for my edification. I seem to hear people doing a lot of talking and little proof of her vast experience. She has as much right to be the president as Dina Favre has as being the starting QB for the Packers next season! She might have lived in the White House for 8 years...but so did the pastry chef! Go back to being the good Republican you were when I met you!!!!
James Edstrom said…
That is just my endorsment. You can vote for anyone you like and feel free to post any views you may have on the election. I have looked at everyone, McCain will be just like Bush, Obama has no real experience and Hillary has been around the block, she knows the business of being a President, she knows about world affairs and how to deal with world leaders, she understands the healthcare mess as she has worked on the issue before and knows the mistakes made and in my view she has been the proven leader in the past. Besides, she also has Bill to ask questions. Kinda electing two Presidents for the price of one. I may not have the logic that all my media buddies have, but it's the way I see it. You are free to post your views on who you may like and why. That is what this site is for. Freedom! Now if I could only get Hillary to tackle the medical marijuana issue. People have to pay $625.00 for marijuana prescriptions for a marijuana pill called marinol that does nothing to help people as it does not do the same thing as marijuana. Meanwhile a $40.00 dollar bag will help people sick with cancer and so many other medical problems. And Healthcare. Read my story soon on how to really fix the healthcare system. I do know some of the answers even better than some of the candidates, because I've been there. So, like I said, feel free to post your views. My endorsement, was only that. My views and my endorsement.


p.s. I was never a good little replublican. I always made waves which I will continue to do.