I just viewed a YouTube video that a great reader asked me to view of Lincoln Bain. This should tell you what kind of wannabee fake TV Show Host he wants to be. In the first clip, Bain visits the church where Anna Nicole Smiths funeral is to take place the next day. The church is closed and this nice Bahamian gentleman answers the door and explains that the church is not open. Lincoln Bain demands to get in, keeps his body in the door so the nice guy can't close it and then accuses the poor guy of assault. He's yelling he wants to pray and needs to go into the church. Of course Bain had his thugs with him to intimidate the poor church worker. The next video clip shows Bain at the Funeral the next day almost creating a riot because he wanted to get in. The police had to hold him back. Then when he sees the cameras shooting, he really goes wild, showing what a press whore he really is. The Bahamas is really getting a bad reputation from Lincoln Bain. And to watch him harass people in his own country, what are Americans supposed to think ? Lincoln Bain is out there like he is representing the Bahamian's and this is what he is showing the world ? I'm sorry to say this, but America must boycott the Bahamas. To think this low life came to New York City to lie about Rita Cosby a respected American, and to spew endless lies on national TV and to think Americans aren't smart enough to catch his lies ? I never saw someone change their story so many times, and on National TV yet.


Anonymous said…

Thanks to you and whoever sent the video as I remember seeing him and his band of protestors (outside) at the funeral after he attempted entry!

Yes, somebody got to the deep pockets of Lincoln Bain and the second or third attorney, Elizabeth Thompson, for those nannies.
Anonymous said…
Go James! Don't forget to contact the Globe girl today to get that story about the first media to talk to Bains about the sex tape.
Anonymous said…
James thank you for exposing what a thug this guy really is. What an embarrasement he is to the good people of the Bahamas
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
We all know whose ass he is kissing!
Anyone w/ half a brain can see what Lincoln Lint is all about.
How come he didn't "break" his own story?
Because ET paid for that story!
THEY had the "EXCLUSIVE" to Lincoln's "sting operation".
Isn't it about time that ET & Insider change their names
to "The HK$ Show" & the "SIN-sider"?
Check out my site to see Lincoln Bain w/ his nappy ass hair!
Anonymous said…
What a media whore, second class media whore at that. He's a joke! Been to the Bahamas but will not be going back. Read on Bahamas news site tourism is down in Nassau/Paradise Island 20%. I foresee it getting worse. Enjoy chatting with ya' James. Get some rest!! Hugs..........
Anonymous said…
Why would you attack the WHOLE COUNTRY for one person. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You all keep say that Howard is buying off all these people.

Well How many people has RITA bought off for her book.

I bet Lin Wood is following the MONEY TRAIL
Anonymous said…
James, I saw that video on another site. Can you send it to Greta to see what she has to say about her "new friend" now? I'd like to see what J. Pirro, Geraldo, and those other people who were saying they believed Bain and Thompson's stories, think about him after that video. Craig Rivera was the only one who said he believed Don Clark.
Anonymous said…
Boycott the Bahama's because of one man? Do you think it is right for the Bahama's to boycott us because of your remark that they smell like piss? So foolish.
James Edstrom said…
Sorry. He did smell. He has been wearing the same suit on every tv show. I meant by that comment that he makes the Bahamas look like piss by his actions and the actions of Thompson. I won't spend my money there, and I would hope people start to get the message that Americans are not safe in contries like The Bahamas and Aruba. Natilie Holloway is still dead and nothing has been done. There is still no inquest for Daniel. All the evidence is most likely gone now... The Bahamas should protect the people that support their country. If they wont protect us and send people Like Bain to trash a Emmy Winning TV reporter, on American TV, Then they can do without American Money. We aren't suckers like the Bahamas and Bain are playing us to be!

Anonymous said…
Seems you are mad that Rita got caught.
Anonymous said…

I guess it would be better if the TRUTH did not come out. I guess you believe in hiding the truth.
Anonymous said…
People get mad because Anna & Daniel died & Howard keeps trying to stall an inquest. Rita has been set up because she put the sordid details of the story in print. Howard & his thugs are just trying to discredit anyone who comes forth with the truth so he can still roam the earth & live like a parasite off some other drug addicted woman.
Anonymous said…
If we were to boycott every place a persn went missing or found dead, we'd all have to stay home.

Be realistic............
Anonymous said…
The next time Ms. Cosby decides to write a book, perhaps she will verify her sources BEFORE she gets it published.

you know what I mean?
Anonymous said…

James, have you seen this about the nanny's attorney, Liz Thompson? She's had trouble in paradise.
Anonymous said…
Thanks James for the video, now people can see him for what he really is. I believe someone got to him and his bank account is much larger now, for it. Pathetic man, I hope his lies catch up with him and that so called lawyer Thompson.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, the "Nannies" are being used. They are Haitian immigrants to the Bahamas and are being taken advantage of. Lincoln Bains 'suckered' them in long ago biding his time to make some money from this sordid "Saga". The iron is hot & it's striking time! $$$$

The "Nannies" are simply "Pawns".
Anonymous said…
Boycotting isn't effective for large entities. Such as companies and corporations. You only hurt the little man..the person working in restaurants, working in hotels..etc..the same people who are probably upset and anger at the corruption that is in their government because they have no power. The power to be is well insulated and they are going to be paid no matter what....and they'll do it on the backs of the working people. So if there is a boycott who's going to be hurt in that tape...Bain or the nice guy working at the Church...Hell Bain has got his deal with ET the poor Bahamian guy will be the one who is hurting because people start tithing less and eventually it will be him on the street.
Anonymous said…
Bahama Nana,

Is there any news about the custody issue? There was word that the hearing was to be today or this week.

Anonymous said…
The only thing this tape shows is he bullied himself into a church. The protesting was because of the media at the funeral was all American and no Bahamian media was allowed. It is Bahama's so the protesting made sense. As much as i dislike Mr. Bain, this tape is of no worth.
Anonymous said…
Could it be that the inquest might be delayed due to the obstruction of justice caused by Rita Cosby. As Rita Cosby attempted to make a quick dollar at the expense of Dannielynn, Larry and Howard, Rita was caught on tape bribing the witnesses and stating that she would commit perjury during the trial.

As we have stated from the beginning, the nannies seem to have been paid by Ford Shelley for their affadavits. We warned the antinoids. Instead the antinoids sent us all to Controversy tv. They demanded we pay attention to Lincoln Bain. We did. He broke the story about Rita Cosby, lying and willing to commit perjury and obstruction of justice. I would like to personally thank, Suzanne, Lucas, kerry, Peggy, retired soldier, Mrs. Maple, etc. for their due diligence for wanting the truth about Controversy tv to be known. We at this time, would like to thank Rita Cosby for writing the book, and the truth about RITA be known. She sold her soul to the devil (O'Quinn) himself for a price.

Rita has given up her career and any reputation that she might of had. It is over for Rita. But in writing her book, she has allowed all of us to view exactly all we need to know about Rita.

Thank you Rita for making a fool out of yourself. You deserve everything you get.

Howard, you are in our thoughts and prayers. You certainly are a smart, smart man.
We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your 60 million that will be awarded to you shortly. This should also help you in your case against John O'Quinn. You are a loyal man, Howard and a very good attorney. God bless you and your family.
Anonymous said…
Boycotting the Bahama's is stupid. We have our own curruption in our own government, perhaps you think the world should boycott us?
Anonymous said…
i believe your friend rita is the one whose keeping changing her story.. the tape she receive was on sept. eight. it still doesn't explain her actions when she went to the bahamas. i don't really care to much for lincoln, but alleast he and the attorney for the nannies went on tv, while rita stays hidden. i believe they are right about rita. she is the one who said i can pay the lawyer, that way if i am under oath, i can say i paid the lawyer. that attorney of the nannies know her stuff.
Anonymous said…
LMFAO.. Yea win the money from Rita Howard so you will have money to pay Virgie..LMAO!

Anonymous said…
I just read on Greta's site that sh eis good friends with Harvey Levin. Now the dots connect for me. She kisses larry and Howards ass like Harvey does. No more Greta for me.
Anonymous said…
I read that too on Greta's site, but she has always been on LB's side, no matter how the tables have turned, she doesn't want to admit she was wrong.
Anonymous said…
Did everyone see Virgie on TV tonight?? Looks like someone made off with her makeover! Wonder if they'll return it for the inquest. LOL
Anonymous said…
SAN FRANCISCO -- Raids targeting Anna Nicole Smith's doctors are drawing attention to a controversial state database that tracks all narcotic prescriptions in California, but has many physicians warning that patient privacy is being compromised.
Last week's raids on the Southern California homes and offices of two of the dead model's doctors mark the highest-profile use to date of the database. Law enforcement officials say it's a useful tool for detecting suspicious patterns, while many doctors and privacy advocates say patient care is suffering amid a government crackdown on prescription drug abuse.

"What we have going on right now is a society-wide witch hunt," said Dr. Frank Fisher, who was recently exonerated following a seven-year court battle that included murder charges, malpractice suits and a medical board investigation into the deaths of several patients for whom he prescribed painkillers.

Some patient advocates believe that allowing investigators to track physicians' prescribing habits risks hurting patients who genuinely need the drugs.

"These databases chill prescribing," said Siobhan Reynolds, who founded the New Mexico-based nonprofit Pain Relief Network after her terminally ill husband was denied large doses of pain killers in the days before his death. "If we had the resources, we would try to shut down every one."

California Attorney General Jerry Brown and other law enforcement officials dismiss such claims and contend the system is needed to curb prescription drug abuse.

"There is no evidence that legitimate treatment is being suppressed or being discouraged," Brown said in an interview. "I think there are more cases out there than are being prosecuted."

The number of Americans who abuse prescription drugs nearly doubled, from 7.8 million in 1992 to 15.1 million in 2003, according to the U.N.-affiliated International Narcotics Control Board in its 2006 annual report, issued in February.

Investigators use the database to look for patients who have received prescription narcotics from several doctors. They are also searching for physicians who authorize higher-than-expected amounts of drugs.

California authorities conducted the raids Friday at the office of Smith's psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, and the home and office of Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who prescribed the painkiller methadone to Smith shortly before her February death from an overdose. She was 39.

Brown said his office began investigating Kapoor and Eroshevich after he discovered the two combined to prescribe more than a dozen drugs in the days before Smith's death at a Florida hotel. He has declined to speculate on what charges the doctors might face if it is determined they improperly prescribed drugs.

The Medical Board of California is also investigating Eroshevich, who, according to documents, authorized all 11 prescription medications found in Smith's hotel room the day she died.

Agents have so far reviewed more than 100,000 computer images and files, analyzed patient profiles and pharmacy logs, and interviewed witnesses in the U.S. and abroad, Brown said.

Authorities are also mining the massive database kept by the California Department of Justice called the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System, or CURES.

The database has long been a useful tool for doctors wanting to check patient backgrounds before writing a new prescription. It details the 20 million narcotic prescriptions written each year in the state.

Nearly three dozen states have similar databases, but California's, created in 1996, is the oldest and largest.

Crime victims like Bob Pack insist the state's prescription database needs a technological update to catch more people who seek drugs from multiple doctors. A drugged-up motorist ran over Pack's two young children in 2003 as they walked to get ice cream on a Sunday evening.

The foundation Pack launched with his wife in honor of their children is now the driving force behind an effort to make the database instantaneously accessible.

Currently, only Justice Department officials can directly access the CURES database. Doctors and pharmacists must fax patient background requests to the agency, a process Pack argues is too time-consuming to catch drug abuses who obtain multiple prescriptions from different doctors.

Jimena Barreto, the professional nanny who killed Pack's children, had six prescriptions for the pain killer Vicodin from six different doctors at the same HMO in the weeks before the crash.

"When my children were killed, I naively thought doctors and pharmacies had this information at their fingertips," Pack said. "They don't."
Anonymous said…
Dinner is ready
Please follow the cheese to the Just My Opinion Dinning Hole


Vergie charcoaled on a spit
Hatten cream sauce
Don vegetables finely sliced, topped with slivered Clark almonds
Arthur bread in rat butter
Shelley putrid white wine
Shelley vomit red wine
Rita puke champagne
Nanny One simmered in white lie
Nanny Two simmered in red lie


O'ginn on skewers
O'ginn flambe in burnt caramel sauce

Coffee will be served in the drafty hole. Rita sour cream available in various flavors

Smoke will be allowed in the stench parlor

Games welcome all. Rats over the age of 50 are welcome in the Dishonest Hall
Anonymous said…
BONNIE MUNSTER....or Anyone...looking for the link to info on Arthur Stern AND Howard K. as Guardian Insurance reps at the SAME Santa Monica Address...could ya help??? Thanks Friends....
Anonymous said…
IMO...GRETA was awesome tonight! IMO....RITA IS SCREWED and she should be after what she was willing to do to get RC and gangs kind of justice. IMO...It is interesting that any professional that goes against RC and all the rest of your friends, you set out to attempt to ruin them! IMO...The one ruined is RITA...maybe O'Q will hire his investigator! LOL
Anonymous said…
Rita is

Anonymous said…
Don't Boycott the Bahamas because of Lint Linc boycott because of corruption, sleaze, shakedowns and frankly the 60's disco clothing.
Greta is making an ass out of herself frankly and she is going to be wearing a lot of egg on her face before this whole thing is over.
Her panel disagrees with her and she tries to shout them down. WTF
The nanny sounded scripted and when she was asked a question she paused like someone was coaching her.
Maybe I'll go to Cananda this winter do a little ice fishing.
Anonymous said…
I think Greta has an axe to grind.
Anonymous said…
IMO the corruption, sleaze, and shakedowns need to start in Texas, and New York....You know what I mean??? I think the Nanny's should write a book and they should name it "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?"
Anonymous said…
Has anyone ever done research on the Church of Scientology? Someone posted that Greta is a Scientologist. I don't think they believe in God. They believe that humans exist because Xenu dropped whatever in volcanoes and the dust attached to "something" and the Scientologists have to rid themselves of those negative energies. NO KIDDING! That is a scary subject that they PAY to attend Teachings written by Ron L Hubbard. The man was insane and a science fiction writer. He hated himself and was on medication, yet at the same time he hated Psychiatrists.

In other words, I think Greta doesn't want to give a deposition in the O'Quinn defamation lawsuit.

The Scientologists' views would be brought into the mix. Scientologists are notoriously picketing Drs' offices. L. Wood would bring bad publicity on the Church of Scientology.

Everything I wrote is my opinion, and from research that I did years ago when Tom Cruise was badmouthing psychiatrists and Brooke Shields.
Anonymous said…
Greta is weird. The man/woman and I think that is why she hates women. She is jealous because she is so unattractive.

Bet that panel heard her crying after they signed off! LMAO

Stupid isn't illegal. Greta was trying to hard and looked stupid. When it the last time she even practiced law? Why have a panel if she isn't going to listen to those that are practicing law.

Hammer ended up trying to defend her stupidity. It was contrived and they both looked like fools.
Anonymous said…
9100 WILSHIRE BLVD Recorded: 10/16/2004
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212 County

9100 WILSHIRE BLVD Recorded: 09/01/2005
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212 County (310) 556-8873

Law Offices Of Andrew J. Stern
9100 Wilshire Blvd 7th Fl EastTower
Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 274-8507

Law Offices of Howard Stern
2800 Neilson Way # 1609
Santa Monica,, CA 90405 (310) 399-8067

Not Arthur but interesting. Two Sterns in Music Weekly suddenly. HKS looking for a new victim to live off of it appears to me.
Anonymous said…

Rita needs to RUN from Greta and Thug Bain. It won't matter if she goes on the show, Greta has a knife ready for Rita throat!!!

Bains is trying his only way he know to BULLY Rita into going on TV. She does't need to. I support her and don't need to hear from her. She needs to keep it out of the media now and into the courtroom where the CONS will be seen for the liars they are!
Anonymous said…
Why should Rita go on Greta & be ambushed?
Greta has her mind made up about Rita being guilty.
She will do & say ANYTHING for ratings!
She wants HK$ on her show so bad she can taste it.
And she loves little Larry Sue.
Greta has lost all credibility as far as I am concerned
& I will not watch her ignorance anymore.
How many of us asked her to find out ET's involvement
in this mess?
She is on a witch hunt trying to defame Rita Cosby.
Who gives a shit if Rita offered to set the Nannies up
w/ a media deal?
I seem to recall Larry Sue & HK$ doing that themselves!
They are making a fool of everyone buying into ET
& Insider EXCLUSIVE interviews!
At least Rita did not murder 2 people!
I think that is a bigger crime!

Greta is such a loser that she has to beg her blog
readers to give her info!
She does not even attempt to do her own research.
Anonymous said…
Why should Rita go on Greta & be ambushed?
Greta has her mind made up about Rita being guilty.

Well said!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for exposing this IDIOT for what he REALLY is...

it's a shame that he's received more than his 15 min of "fame" here in the US.....would the bahamas allow any of us to do what he has done on our TV stations ...

I KNOW NOT.......

hes a wourthless piece of garbarge
Anonymous said…
hi bamacat (wave))

Greta has been an under-handed manface for years. Fox tried to fix her face and bleach her hair but hey, earrings on a pig .. ya know? They skipped the heart transplant so the same witch shows up.

Search her crooked husband!
John Coale. Being married to that creep tells you a lot about her! These too are something else!
West Viginia bar tried to disbar both Coale and Greta if that tells you anything.
Anonymous said…
Green eyed monster!
Nasty Greta vanSurgery grudge from the Holloway case! Always the bridemaid never the bride.

While at MSNBC .. Rita went #1 while greta increased her ratings .. but lost the top dog spot to Rita.

Explains it all now that I see this. Greta is out to literally KILL that chance of Rita ever beating her manface again.

Watch out Rita, stay off that show.
Anonymous said…
Hey maybe Greta should ask why Larry her new BF is now changing his mind about testifying into the Inquest of Daniel?

Said too much to the Bahamian Police that he can't explain to his new BF Howard?

Now there's a question
Anonymous said…
Greta is jealous of Rita & out to destroy her. Rita stay off her show.
Anonymous said…
Greta is jealous of Rita & out to destroy her. Rita stay off her show.

Is that the "joke of the day"? Greta jealous of Rita (?) ha ha ha ha

Jealous os what? Her voice? body? free time due to no job?
Anonymous said…


Anonymous said…
I just posted this on TMZ thought you would like to hear someone with a brain on this topic..

Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary - Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - Dana Investigates Former FBI Agent Don Clark

Dana weighs in on Don Clark’s credibility. Mr. Clark has recently become embroiled in the Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern controversy.
Anonymous said…
IMO the corruption, sleaze, and shakedowns need to start in Texas, and New York....You know what I mean??? I think the Nanny's should write a book and they should name it "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?"
James Edstrom said…
I only remove posts that are vulgar or the same person posting the same thing time after time....I let everyone have their say...There are posters here that don't agree with me and their posts are still up because they are not vulgar....And this is only when I catch them.Too many to read them all...

Anonymous said…
Every time Stern pulls off another stunt to manipulate he public he gets one step closer to the gallows. Everything leaves a trail and Stern puts Hansel and Gretal to shame. Every stunt he pulls can be used in a court of law.
Anonymous said…
Oh Really! said...
Every time Stern pulls off another stunt to manipulate he public he gets one step closer to the gallows. Everything leaves a trail and Stern puts Hansel and Gretal to shame. Every stunt he pulls can be used in a court of law.

That is a two way trail. Rita and others should be aware of that!
Anonymous said…
By Art Harris, (c), all rights reserved

Lawyers for Howard K. Stern will ask a federal judge Thursday to order author Rita Cosby to stop trying to influence witnesses and “destroying or altering evidence” related to the $60 million libel suit filed against her, according to a motion filed in Tuesday in U.S. District Court in New York City.

At the center of the motion for a preliminary injunction, Stern lawyer Lin Wood details her alleged attempts to pay off two Haitian nannies who say she never interviewed them for her book on late Anna Nicole Smith, and who claim she now wants them to be witnesses to confirm a gay tryst between Stern and Larry Birkhead that the women say never happened.

Both Stern and Birkhead call the charges “rediculous.”

In the 24 page motion, Stern accuses Cosby of trying to pay the nannies between $3,000 to $15,000 for a bogus affadavit to back accounts in her book, Blonde Ambition, detailing what the author says she was told by a private investigator. The motion includes an audiotape transcript of Cosby outlining her plan to Lincoln Bain, the nannies’ PR man who secretly recorded their conversations. On a talk show Tuesday night, one of the nannies said they never gave that account to any private eyes for Virgie Arthur.

Wood wants a judge to stop Cosby from using the same checkbook tactics she allegedly used with the nannies on any other witnesses, including the Haitian immigrants who are expected to be witnesses in the libel suit. You can read the motions here.

pxected wgein a failed attempt to persuade two Haitian nannies to confirm a gay tryst at the heart of the $60 million libel suit he filed against her, Howard K. Stern has asked a New York federal judge Thursday to issue a preliminary injunction to keep the ex-MSNBCer from “intefering with fact witnesses…and from destroying or altering evidence.”

In the show cause order lin-wood-10-16-07-order-to-hear-motion-tro.pdf we’ve exclusively obtained, U.S. District Judge Denny Chin has ordered lawyers for Cosby and Stern to appear for a conference in his courtroom Oct. 18 at 11 a.m.

According to the court order, Judge Chin has actually reviewed “the alleged conversation between defendant Rita Cosby” and the nannies’ Bahamas PR man, and how he hears it could play a key role in whether he decides to grant Stern’s motion.

In secretly taped conversations, Bain says Cosby can be heard trying to pay the women to say she had spoken to them when she had not, but used a major part of her book to base it on.

Neither Cosby or Stern are expected in court Oct. 18, just the attorneys.
Anonymous said…
"You know what I mean"
Anonymous said…
'um hum um hum um hum'
Anonymous said…
IMO, Seems like Rita's phone records will show a nice little timeline of all her friends, you know what I mean????? Maybe the Nanny's could put it in their book named "You know what I mean?"

Will DO, O'Q, Clark, VA, Hatten, Speer be on there? I wonder how often. Will the dots connect and is Rita willing to take the fall all by herself?

Huh...IMO, seems if criminal charges are filed, Rita could pay a fine and go to prison! UHOH! Don't bend over!
Anonymous said…

Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary - Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - Dana Investigates Former FBI Agent Don Clark

Dana weighs in on Don Clark’s credibility. Mr. Clark has recently become embroiled in the Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. Stern controversy.

A guy with some brains speaks out about DonClark, Lincoln and the media.
Anonymous said…
Fox news states "We Report You Decide", that is a nice motto. So in following with that train of thought, I believe Rita Cosby and Mr Clarke. I am not a lawyer just a lay person so I do not know all the legal aspects of this situation. I will leave this up to the judges, courts and professionals. I will not accuse anyone. IMO
Anonymous said…
To be heard:
10/18/2007 at 08:30 am in department 5 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

02/28/2008 at 08:30 am in department 5 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Anonymous said…
Moe on Access Hollywood.
Why does the phrase "rats leaving a sinking ship" come to mind?
Anonymous said…
Carolyn said...
Moe on Access Hollywood.
Why does the phrase "rats leaving a sinking ship" come to mind?

7:45 A

Are you referiing to this site?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
Carolyn said...
Moe on Access Hollywood.
Why does the phrase "rats leaving a sinking ship" come to mind?

7:45 A

Are you referiing to this site?
Sweetie, you can wish but that and a dime will get you a dime.
Anonymous said…
Anna Nicole's Bodyguard Big Moe: On The Record, Part II
LOS ANGELES, Calif. (October 18, 2007) – Last week, Howard K. Stern denied accusations he gave Anna Nicole Smith cocaine. Now, Anna’s longtime bodyguard Big Moe paints a different picture.

“Did you ever see him give her drugs?” Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts asked.

“Since we’re being truthful here, yes I have,” Moe said.

“Did he lie?” Tony asked Big Moe.

“He lied about that,” Moe said. “He can’t refute that because I’ve been here all the time.

Drugs, lies and regrets are just a few of the shocking claims unleashed to Access by Anna’s former bodyguard.

Access Exclusive: Big Moe Speaks Out

“Did you ever see Howard administer anything via needle?” Tony asked.

“Yes,” Moe said.

“What did Howard say was in the needle he was giving her?” Tony then asked.

“B12,” Moe answered.

“Did you believe him?” Tony asked.

“Yes, on some occasions, yes I believed it was B12. On occasion it was something else,” he said.

Calls made to Howard regarding Moe’s drug allegations were not returned.

As one of the last people to see Anna alive inside Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Moe confessed that several bad judgments by those around her, may have played a role in the former playmate’s untimely death.

“Do you blame Howard in part for not only Anna’s death, but for the way she lived her life in the last six months?” Tony asked.

“I think we all kind of helped her along so he had, yes he had a part in it too,” Moe said.

“So Howard had a part in Anna’s death, you had a part in Anna’s death?” Tony asked.

“We all have,” Moe replied.

In the days leading up to her death Anna had been suffering from flu-like symptoms.

On the morning of February 8, she did not leave her bed and appeared to be sleeping. While Howard was out closing a deal on a new yacht, Moe left Anna with his wife, a registered nurse, while he ran errands. Shortly after it was discovered Anna wasn’t breathing.

“Did Howard transact or do anything that day that seems out of character [on the day Anna died]?” Tony asked.

“My wife was there and she really thinks there were weird things going on,” Moe said.

“Take me to the moment you get a call from your wife,” Moe then asked.

“I got a phone call saying that something wasn’t right, Anna’s not making no noise, and I can hear her going ‘Anna, Anna get up! Anna’s not breathing I need you to call 911 right away,’” Moe said.

Moe did not call 911 first. He called Howard.

“At a spur of the moment you do things again that you regret,” Moe said. “That is something I regret. I should not have called Howard first. I don’t think it would [have] made a difference. I hear some reports that she could have been down since early that morning.”

“What is the biggest misconception about what happened on the day that Anna died that you would like people to know?” Tony asked.

“That she was an out of control druggie,” he said. “She was not an out of control junkie. She was a woman who was deeply depressed.”

Unable to recover after the tragic loss of her son Daniel, Moe said Anna turned to medications as a crutch.

“She had her medication that [were] handed to her, that she was helped [in taking],” Moe said.

“That was by whom?” Tony asked.

“It was usually by Howard,” Moe said.

According to Moe, it wasn’t just Howard who helped Anna get medicated.

Moe claims Larry Birkhead would assist her while the two were dating.

“I got more upset with him when he was in court and he said all these things about how he was trying t get Anna off drugs,” Moe said. “There were times that he would give her things to make her look or seem very out of it.”

“Such as?” Tony asked.

“Let’s just say that everything made her tipsy and [it] wasn’t always the champagne he was giving her,” Moe said. “I’ll leave it at that.”

When contacted by Access, Larry Birkhead said Big Moe “has no credibility.”
Anonymous said…
wasn't there a hearing this morning regarding rita cosby's book? also tmz says moe had a mild heart attack and a stroke. any updates???
Anonymous said…
Moe is fine, happened awhile back!

Judge told Mr. Woody to take a hike.

All is well
Anonymous said…

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What YOU get is to spend YOUR time and MONEY getting software to scan and get rid of the MALWARE being dropped on your PC! Nice way to treat your viewers huh?

Two I can verify for sure are ...


Anonymous said…
Let's see Rita got caught on tape trying to pay for documents to be created to make her look good so that paying Thompson and Bain can "appear as a legitmate expense" and that "hopefully it does not get out" and if it does she can say "well i paid for the afidavit". Next time Ms. Cosby get your facts striaght and your sources set then write a book. DOnt try to find out the info from the sources after the fact and then get caugt in the process doing borderline fraud.

Also, there is no reason to Boycott the Bahamas for the actions of Lincoln. What everyone's focus should be on is that there will be an inquest at the end of the month, so lets see what happens in that (which actually matters not some silly dispute between these two: Rita and Bain)