Kelly Osbourne thinks her mother Sharon has taken her plastic surgery too far. Sharon has had several cosmetic procedures - including a face lift, tummy tuck, neck lift and a boob job - and has regular Botox injections, but her daughter thinks it makes her look odd sometimes. Kelly told Britain's The Times newspaper: "Sometimes mom has gone too far with the Restylane and Botox and ended up looking extremely surprised."The first time she had plastic surgery she didn't know how to explain it to us kids - we've got big mouths and she didn't want us to go around saying, 'Mommy's had a facelift', so she told us she was in an accident. That freaked us out so she had to explain."It seems Kelly has had a change of heart about mum Sharon's surgery. Last week, she insisted she was so impressed with her mother's boob job she couldn't wait to go under the knife herself. She said: "I'm already planning my surgery. I just haven't got anything saggy yet! My mom's had just about everything you can have done, so I know the right and wrong way to do it."