Hugh Grant is taking a two year break from acting. Hugh claims he only starred in new movie 'Music and Lyrics' because he hadn't appeared on the big screen for a while, but he has no intention of rushing into another project. Hugh told Britain's OK! magazine: "You'll be glad to know that I'm going back into retirement for another two or three years."There's nothing I particularly want to do and it took me two or three years to summon up the energy to do this one."If something fantastic comes up then great, but I've never been someone who says, 'I'm burning to act, darling, because it's my life.' "Although Hugh plans to take a break, his 'Music and Lyrics' co-star Drew Barrymore has several more projects up her sleeve. She said: "I have five things in development right now, so I'll be doing whichever one comes up first."I'm going to try and enjoy my time off before that, though, because I'm such a workaholic."In the last five years, Drew has starred in several films, including 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle', '50 First Dates' and 'Fever Pitch'.

Hugh Grant