The Happy Couple Gabriel Aubry And Halle Berry

Halle Berry can't bear to be away from lover Gabriel Aubry for Valentine's Day. Halle and Gabriel - who live in Los Angeles and New York respectively -insist nothing will keep them apart on Valentine's Day. Gabriel - who is a model and restaurateur - says being with Halle, 40, is more important than sending her expensive gifts. Aubry, who plans to fly to Los Angeles today, told People magazine :"I don't think it's about gifts. It's more about presence. You have to be there. You can't really spend Valentine's Day apart. I can't be in New York if she's in Los Angeles. It just doesn't work. So I try to be there most of the time and that's more precious to me."I can't wait to be with my girl."The 31-year-old says living so far apart hasn't dampened their romance yet, and insists the couple will continue travelling across the US to be together. He said: "We travel all of the time. We're together more than people think. She comes to New York and I go to Los Angeles a lot. I'm getting used to Los Angeles, I like it and I have a lot of friends there."I like Los Angeles because we get to stay home and be cosy all of the time."


Anonymous said…
He is a hunk. Wonder if he cheats.