Kathy Posner, Bishop Paprocki of the Chicago Archdiocese
and Chicago Secretary of State, Jesse White.

When it comes to big hearts, Kathy Posner's is hard to beat.That's why the Mag Mile resident was honored at the annual Heart of Gold luncheon to benefit Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, at a luncheon held on a day filled with sweethearts, Wednesday, Feb. 14, at the Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave. Proceeds benefit the hospital's Weinstock Family Department of Emergency Medicine, which treated more than 63,000 patients last year.
"The Heart of Gold is presented to someone who gives of them self selflessly and whose volunteer achievements have made a difference in the lives of the people in their communities and in Israel," said Alison Pure-Slovin, director of the Lincolnwood-based, Midwest Region of the American Committee for SZ. "Since 2002, Kathy has devoted her extraordinary energy to the volunteer sector. We could not have built the support for the hospital to the level we are today, without Kathy Posner. "I have never met anyone like Kathy Posner. She puts her heart and soul into an organization and our patients in Israel directly benefit from the fruits of her labor." Known as the "Hospital with a Heart," the 500-bed Shaare Zedek--whose name translates into "the gates of righteousness"--receives no funding from the Israeli government, and is supported by donations from throughout the world. SZ--in existence for the last 105 years--provides medical care to all patients regardless of religious affiliation or cultural background, and is the Middle East's leading acute-care, medical facility. It's apropos that Posner should be receiving the Heart of Gold award, considering she is known around town as one of the city's most generous and active volunteers/philanthropists. So much so, in fact, that the Illinois House of Representatives designated that day, Feb. 14, to Posner, who has been "indefatigable in her efforts... not only for her efforts on behalf of this great humanitarian institution, but also in recognition of her labors and activities on behalf of a score of other institutions, agencies and civic committees." Mayor Richard M. Daley also recognized Posner's award, and said that Posner, "...continues to be an inspiration to our residents through her involvement in many organizations." Posner--who has numerous honors too lengthy to mention--said this award is "Very special," because it involves helping people in Israel. "There are many wonderful Jewish organizations in the Chicagoland area, but I wanted to be involved with one that was smaller so I could really make a difference," said Posner. "Shaare Zedek recently marked 100 years of taking care of human life. It is one of the world's leading medical facilities; staff and patients reflect the cultural diversity of Israel. Its mission is to provide the best medical care to all who seek it, regardless of race and religion. "Shaare Zedek has treated more than 40 percent of those who have been injured in terrorist attacks in Israel. The hospital receives no funding from the government of Israel. The hospital needs my help, needs our help." Posner, a veteran public relations and advertising executive, sold her business, Comm2 Inc., in 2002 to devote her energy to philanthropy and volunteering. A few years prior to that, "Dateline NBC" profiled her as a work-a-holic and she felt as if her work, "defined my life and who I was." In 2002, Posner had bypass surgery, and decided to devote her life to helping others. While sitting on the board for the Chicago Academy for the Arts, she met the late Sun-Times columnist Irv Kupcinet's grandson, David Kupcinet, who introduced her to SZ's Slovin, and her involvement with the hospital took off. Kupcinet--who Posner calls her big brother even though she's older than he--says he doesn't know anyone who deserves an award called the Heart of Gold more. He said Posner reminds him of his grandfather, who had the ability to "bridge" people, or bring them together. "Ever since she sold her company, Kathy has devoted herself to everything philanthropic she can get her hands on," Kupcinet said. "She devotes herself to bringing people together...her whole existence is making everybody's lives better. She's one of my favorite people." Posner's activities are too numerous to list, however, her involvement with the 18th district police station--where she volunteers with the CAPS program and helps fund a Boy Scout, Cub Scout and a Brownie Troop--is another one of the reasons she's captured hearts. "Kathy is all about community," said the 18th's Community Policing Sgt. Cynthia Schumann. "She shares her time, contacts and self. She is committed to making life better for all, and is always available to discuss new ideas, and or strategies.
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