Angelina Jolie was so shocked by the sex scenes in her latest movie she almost refused to do them. Stunning Angelina wasn't comfortable filming raunchy love scenes with co-star Matt Damon, 36, in 'The Good Shepherd' , in particular one in which her character tries to trick her lover into getting her pregnant. Angelina said: "I had trouble shooting it. I'm so against that kind of behaviour."It actually turned out great because we're friends. I don't know if I could have done that with anybody else."It seems Angelina has become more prudish as her career has progressed. In 'Gia' she appears topless, while in 'Original Sin' she romps naked in several scenes with Antonio Banderas. Gritty spy thriller 'The Good Shepherd' also stars Alec Baldwin and Robert De Niro.

Matt Damon And Angelina Jolie In 'The Good Shepherd'


Anonymous said…
She loves nude.
Anonymous said…
O please. Can we say Slut!
Anonymous said…
Shes not a slut, she is a very nice woman.