Sylvester Stallone has a weekend-only addiction to junk food, which causes him to pile on around 14lbs in just two days.The 'Rocky Balboa' actor has admitted he regularly binges on calorific treats from Friday to Sunday, then eats healthy during the week and hits the gym to reduce his bulging frame. Stallone said: "During the weekend I eat every piece of junk on the planet -pizza, pasta, pancakes, pies. I really balloon. Then, on a Monday I go back to normal portions, then by Friday the weight's gone and I can start over."Stallone had to trim down and tone-up for forthcoming movie 'Rocky Balboa' -which sees the ageing boxer return to the ring for one last fight - and the 60-year-old star put himself through a gruelling exercise regime to get inshape. Stallone, who is currently in the UK promoting the movie, was the guest of honor at Premiership soccer match Everton vs. Reading, in Liverpool, on Sunday. The action star, who is friends with US-based Everton shareholder Robert Earl, greeted the crowds at Goodison Park before taking his seat to watch the match. And it seems Stallone could become a full-time soccer fan. He told Britain's The Independent newspaper: "This is a legendary club.There's no question I'll be coming back for another game, definitely."The world's changing and I think there will be a big revolution in America over soccer."