Rachel Weisz has a crush on Clint Eastwood.'The Fountain' actress - who is married to film director Darren Aronofsky -was mesmerised by the veteran actor's handsome looks and charming personality when she found herself standing next to him at a recent awards ceremony. She gushed to Harper's Bazaar magazine: "He is very tall and has charisma I can't even begin to explain - it's coming off him. I'm looking forward, into the camera and he turns to me very, very quietly and says, 'New in town?' He said it like all his characters in all of his western films. At that moment I felt massively British and thought, 'Ooh, America is so cool."Rachel - who has a seven-month-old son, Henry, with Darren - achieved international fame in 1999 when she starred in 'The Mummy' opposite Brendan Fraser. In 2006, the 35-year-old star won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in 'The Constant Gardener', in which she starred with Ralph Fiennes.

Oscar Winner Rachel Weisz