Naomi Campbell is seeing a witch doctor in a bid to curb her fiery temper.The supermodel flew to Rio de Janeiro last week to meet with Tuca Franchini, a Father Saint of the Candomble sect, which worships African gods, after she was sentenced in New York to five days community service for assaulting her maid. Franchini - who has been described as Naomi's 'spiritual guide' - revealed the catwalk queen has a "passionate" belief in the mystical faith. He told Britain's Mail On Sunday newspaper: "She's got very interested in it. She does not practise it as a faith, but she listens when I tell her the history because she is passionately involved in the roots of our African culture."Franchini also defended the 36-year-old beauty, insisting he had "never seen her lose her temper, become irritated or angry". He also insisted that the main purpose of Naomi's visit to the city was to meet with the mayor to discuss becoming a good will ambassador.The model's spokeswoman has dismissed claims that she is seeking the help of Candomble spirits with anger management. She said: "Naomi has a lot of friends from various religions. She has a very strong belief system, but I don't think she identifies herself with any one religion."It's 100 per cent not true that she was consulting Mr Franchini because of what happened in New York. She flew to Rio to meet with the mayor about becoming a goodwill ambassador."