Lost Star Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox loves skinny-dipping. The 'Lost' hunk has revealed he has no qualms when it comes to stripping off for a dip, because his family embraced nudity when he was growing up. Fox told America's Men's Journal magazine: "I enjoy skinny-dipping, because I'm comfortable in the nude. When I was a kid there wasn't a huge delineation in our family between having clothes on or not having clothes on. And the reason I have so much fun doing it nor is people are so shocked by it, and like, 'Oh my God, Fox just took his clothes off!' But I mean, just how long ago was it that we were all wandering around in loin cloths?" Despite his penchant for nude swimming, the 40-year-old actor - who plays Dr Jack Shepherd in the hit US series - never swam as a boy and didn't learn to swim until he was 21. Fox avoided swimming because where he grew up in Wyoming the water was very cold and it was eventually his wife, Margherita, who taught him to swim properly. He said: "It was very embarrassing."