Liz Hurley has issued a dress code for all guests attending her wedding.The model-and-actress has given strict instructions to friends and family informing them to wear traditional Indian clothes and to look "glamorous and fabulous" when she weds Indian businessman Arun Nayar this March. Guests, including fellow celebrities David and Victoria Beckham and Sir Elton John, will have to wear kurtas (long tunics) if they're a man, while the women are expected to wear saris. To ensure guests get it right, Liz and Arun are setting up a shop in the Hilton Towers Hotel, in Mumbai, Rajasthan, where half of the wedding will take place, which will stock turbans, saris and bindis. Liz's letter said: "Please don't panic. All Indian clothes can be bought when you arrive in India, where they will be much nicer."The couple's extended wedding celebrations will begin with a traditional English ceremony at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, on March 3, followed by two days of partying in Mumbai and a traditional Indian ceremony on March 9. Liz, 41, is planning to wear 13 different outfits over the course of her nuptials, including gowns specially made by her fashion designer friend Donatella Versace and traditional Indian outfits. Her sari for the main Indian ceremony will probably be red, the traditional color for Hindu brides.