Kelly Osbourne has blamed her past troubles on trying to live up to her dad's hell raising reputation. Kelly, the daughter of notorious rocker Ozzy Osbourne, claims she got hooked on prescription drugs in 2004 because of the self-imposed pressures ofc oming from a rock 'n' roll family. She told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "I pretty much became what people expected me to be. It made me really unhappy. I fed into that 'Kelly Osbourne - sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll daughter of Ozzy Osbourne' thing. You know, 'She's a bitch, she's a handful.' I was like, 'If they think I'm like that, I might as well be.'"The 22-year-old star insists she finally managed to clean up her act after getting older and wiser. She said: "My parents let me grow up. They let me make mistakes and then pay for them. I was very sheltered during 'The Osbournes'. But I became so horrible to people I had to change."

Grown Up Kelly Osbourne