Helen Mirren has joked she may use her Golden Globe statues to kill her husband.The British actress - who won two prizes at Monday's prestigious ceremony - believes they could make good weapons next time she gets into anargument with her husband, American film director Taylor Hackford. She told the New York Daily News newspaper: "There are all kinds of useful things you can do with them. Hopefully, not get into a fight with one's husband when they're anywhere nearby. The next thing, you'll see me in handcuffs."The 61-year-old star won two Best Actress awards for her performances in acclaimed movie drama 'The Queen' and TV mini-series 'Elizabeth I'. Stephen Frears' hit movie, which focuses on the British Royal Family in the wake of the death of Princess Diana in 1997, also won Best Screenplay. Following her Golden Globes triumph, Mirren has been hotly tipped to win an Oscar at the upcoming Academy Awards.