Beyonce At 'Dreamgirls' Opening

Beyonce Knowles still gets star-struck in Hollywood.The 25-year-old star was so overwhelmed when she saw Diana Ross - who Beyonce's 'Dreamgirls' character is loosely based on - that she was too nervous to speak to her. Beyoncé told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I was so nervous, it was like she wasn't real."She is such a legend, and I had been studying her for so long, and suddenly she was right next to me."I was too nervous to say anything because I didn't know how she felt about the movie, but she told me she was a big fan and wishes me luck. I felt I could breathe again." 'Dreamgirls', which was inspired by the true story of 60s singing sensations Diana Ross and The Supremes, is Beyonce's biggest movie role to date.The multi-talented star shot to fame with girl group 'Destiny's Child' before having huge success as a solo artist. Beyonce, whose is rumored to be engaged to US rapper Jay-Z, is hoping 'Dreamgirls' will be a real boost for her movie career. She also revealed she may focus on acting rather than singing in the future. Beyonce said: "After this movie, I feel that I'm an actor."If there's another movie like this that I'm able to be a part of, then I would be willing to put music to the side."