Ben Affleck has confessed he finds acting torturous.The 'Good Will Hunting' star has received excellent reviews for his latest film 'Hollwoodland' but had previously experienced a run of flops and admits he felt worthless. Ben is quoted the Hollywood Reporter website as saying: "I have a doubt about my own worth, and a lot of times, I experience conflict about what is the social merit of doing this. But for me, acting has been really torturous. It feels like a lot of failure and very little success, and it is hard to divorce it from what is really honest and true. It has only been good when I have been able to put away my own vanity, my own self-consciousness, my own sense of how each piece of behaviour that I am engaging in is going to be interpreted by somebody."Affleck - who has a daughter, Violet, with his wife Jennifer Garner - has confessed he chose to star in bad films because he wanted to be rich and famous. He said: "Part of being an actor is the choices you make. Choices that I have made, a lot of them poorly!" I made my choices for a combination of reasons - wanting to be successful, wanting people to like me, wanting to make money - some of them good."But all decisions depend on a lot of things that are unknown."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner