Angelina Jolie has been replaced as the star of 'Sin City 2' by Rachel Weisz. Director Robert Rodriguez is said to be in talks with the British actress to play 'Dame to Kill For' Ava Lord, after his first choice, Angelina, was unable to fit the project into her busy schedule.The long-awaited sequel to the 2005 movie is rumoured to start shooting in 2008. Jessica Alba, Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke are expected to reprise their roles as Nancy, Dwight and Marv.The films - based on the graphic novel series by Frank Miller - are set in the dark underworld of Basin City and explore the violence and corruption that prevails there. Angelina has previously spoken about her excitement at being considered for 'Sin City 2'. She said: "We've talked about it. I've read the comic and I don't think it's on the way to being made right at the moment, so, when it's actually in production, I'm sure we'll talk about it."It was a funny thing though, because the project actually came to me while I was pregnant and it was like, I was feeling very maternal, and now there's this sexy, violent, loud film, and I thought, 'You know after I'm pregnant that will be a nice movie to do.'"