By-Mark Rupp

Randy Jones, Larry Flick, Martha Wash & Joi Cardwell

Sirius Satelite Radio/Sirius Out Q offered a tribute to lives lost and a musical celebration of hope for the future. Sirius host Larry Flick, his co-host Keith Price and their producer Cynthia Frawley brought together an impressive roster of gay and gay friendly music icons on Friday morning for a live concert and frank discussion to honor those who are fighting and those who have lost the fight against aids.

Village People's Randy Jones

Martha Wash, Jody Watley, Joi Cardwell, Josh Zuckerman among others gave a live radio concert as well as participating in the discussion . Also joining the discussion were Randy Jones of The Village People (currently starring off Broadway in "Madonna Whore" and Sheryl Lee Ralph ( star of stage, screen and TV) via telephone. Madonna also sent her well wishes through a statement read by Larry Flick.

Celebrity photographer Mark Rupp and Frank DeCarlo