Vince Vaughn celebrated his break-up with Jennifer Aniston by visiting a strip club. Representatives for the couple announced their separation yesterday but two weeks ago Vince was seen partying in an exotic dance club, in Budapest, Hungary, called Moulin Rouge with two friends. A source said: "It's a dressed-up titty bar. The girls get pretty wild in there - I saw two put on a very explicit show."The topless dancers at the club put on a racy show before 11pm, and Vince is said to have arrived at 10.30pm to catch a glimpse of their performance. He then moved on to a techno night club called Dokk where he stayed until 4am flirting with several women in the VIP area. An onlooker said: "Vince wasn't there to dance. It's a meat market."
Vince Vaughn is so ugly, he needs to pay.
How about taking Britney's tummy tuck coupon !