Victoria Beckham was snubbed by paparazzi after she tried to control pictures taken of her at an awards ceremony. Prior to the Bambi arts awards, held in Germany, the former Spice Girl handed out an agreement for photographers to sign which stated she wanted copies of all the snaps and the ability to use them for promotional purposes. The document limited the number of pictures that could be published of Victoria's gold embroidered Osaka Hilton gown. It also restricted the snappers from revealing any "confidential information" they might learn about her during the ceremony.The Associated Press (AP), Reuters and two German photo agencies rejected the agreement, so in desperation organisers drew up a separate agreement allowing them to cover the event as long as they promised only to take photos of Victoria on the red carpet. AP chose to snub the event altogether while the other photographers agreed but refused to photograph Victoria in protest. A source said: "The gown was hideous anyway. It looked like a bedspread. What has she got to hide?"