Victoria Beckham is threatening to sue the fashion label behind her jeans range for 100 million.The former Spice Girl claims she is owed the sum for "loss of earnings", as her denim line - launched by Rock + Republic in 2004 - was much more profitable than expected and the fashion firm have only paid her a million.Victoria's legal team are now considering taking the case to the High Court in London or the US after they failed to reach a settlement out of court with Rock + Republic. A legal source told Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper: "With the company based in the US, this is likely to be a long-running and complex legal battle if no agreement can be reached."Victoria Beckham's lawyers and accountants believe the range has been far more successful than anyone imagined - and that Victoria is owed tens of millions of dollars."Last night, Rock + Republic owner Michael Ball insisted: "We have heard nothing about any legal action."Victoria's jeans become popular with her fellow WAGS and celebrities alike, such as Katie Holmes. Recently the 32-year-old fashionista announced that she had decided to split from Rock + Republic and focus on her own denim line through her label DVB. Victoria is set to launch her own Brand Beckham range early next year.