Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' new British love nest is currently inhabitable - because it stinks of sewage.It appears the newlyweds will not be able to make use of the million dollar mansion for a while, as it has been over taken by unbearable smell, caused by ongoing sewage works.The appalling stench has been caused by Tom and Katie's neighbours at Dormans Park village emptying their garden drains. Neighbour Emma Tanning told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "The pong is absolutely putrid when the cesspits are being empties. If Tom moves in before the work is completed it won't be smelling very pretty. I don't think Katie will be happy."The works are expected to carry into the New Year. Surrey District councillor Robert Bisset admitted: "Dormans Park is a real mess. They are in the process of putting in sewers but it's a big job."Tom and Katie - who are currently honeymooning on a yacht in the Maldives -bought the six-bedroom property so they could visit the British Scientology headquarters Saint Hill Castle, which is just 3 kilometres away.The couple already own a Beverly Hills mansion and an eight-bedroom retreat in Colorado.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes