Geri Halliwell has been helping former bandmate Mel B through her split from Eddie Murphy.Geri, 34, was in a similar situation as her fellow ex-Spice Girl earlier this year when she gave birth to her first child, Bluebell Madonna, while estranged from the baby's father Sacha Gervasi, and she quickly offerred pregnant Mel a shoulder to cry on. A friend of Geri's told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "The fact that Geri was in a similar position to Mel, with an acrimonious relationship with the father of her child, is an instant bond between them. Geri understands what Mel is going through."Geri is worried her 32-year-old Mel - who has a seven-year-old daughter,Phoenix Chi, from her marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar - has no one to turn to in Los Angeles since Eddie, 45, questioned the paternity of her unborn child during a Dutch TV interview. The friend added: "Mel has told Geri she felt scared and humiliated. Her daughter Phoenix Chi had met Eddie's children and it was already like one big family. Geri, who feels settled and strong as a new mother, knows Mel is alone in Los Angeles and fears she will be ostracised. Mel has been in floods of tears, Geri has never seen her so bewildered."Geri is not the only Spice Girl to offer her support to Mel during her personal crisis.Victoria Beckham has also got involved and begged friend Tom Cruise to talk to his pal Eddie about the situation.

Mel B and Eddie Murphy