Sir Paul McCartney will pay estranged wife Heather Mills $240 million in a secret divorce settlement, it has been reported.The former Beatles legend has been convinced to agree to the deal by his fashion designer daughter Stella, who is worried about his mental and physical health. A source told Britain's News of the World newspaper: "Stella told Paul: If this goes on it could kill you. Being happy is more important than money. Paul had a heart scare earlier this year and has been in therapy since he split from the former model in May. It has been reported that Heather will be publicly awarded around 20 million, mostof which she will donate to charity. However, Paul will privately hand Heather $240 million, which includes almost 6 million a year for the divorce settlement and around 4 million a year in maintenance for their three-year-old daughter Beatrice.The staggering fee also includes 6 million for their English homes, an 16 million fund for homes in the US and Europe and 4 million towards staff fees and general expenses.The source added: "It's a done deal and Paul is relieved." Heather, 38, was seen filming inside the London home she shared with Paul last week. Heather spent two hours at the 10 million St John's Wood mansion, videoing the contents of every room before leaving with two suitcases filled with clothes.The footage is rumoured to be for use during her upcoming divorce battle,but Heather's spokesperson insists she was filming the paparazzi following her.