Sienna Miller says Jude Law's infidelity drove her into therapy.The 'Layer Cake' actress, who was left devastated by Jude's affair with his children's nanny, has revealed she turned to a psychiatrist to help mend her broken heart. She told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper: "There were times when I felt it was all too much. I needed to talk to someone about it." However, the therapy lasted for just one session after Sienna lost her temper when she became uncomfortable by the psychiatrist's probing questioning.Sienna said: "She asked a particularly difficult question and I began hurling insults. It ended with me calling her a cow." The blonde actress was later told she was still in trauma and not ready for therapy.The 24-year-old also admitted she still wears the diamond ring the 'Holiday' actor gave her before they split up.The Irish Claddagh ring appears on Sienna's left hand with the diamond studded heart facing inward, a traditional sign that the wearer's heart is taken. Sienna explained: "I am still wearing it because it is a beautiful ring. He is still a very close person in my life." Sienna and Jude met on the set of 'Alfie', where they played lovers.Their romance flourished off-screen and Jude proposed on Christmas Day 2004.When revelations of Jude's affair with Daisy Wright emerged, Sienna ended their relationship. However, the pair were reunited again after Jude apologised for his infidelity.They parted ways for good last month, insisting it was a mutual decision.