Sharon Osbourne is desperate to become a grandmother.The TV star - who has three children Aimee, Kelly and Jack with her rocker husband Ozzy - is yearning for one of her daughters to get pregnant and satisfy her desire to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet. She said: "I am absolutely dying for grandchildren."I keep saying to the girls, 'Go get pregnant. I don't care who with, just get pregnant.'"Despite her request for a grandchild, at least one of 54-year-old Sharon's daughters has ruled herself out of becoming a parent. Kelly said: "I'm sure I'll have kids one day but not now."Everyone I like is gay or married. I can't see myself getting married until I'm 40."Sharon recently revealed she initially didn't want to have children with Ozzy, who has battled addictions to both alcohol and drugs, because she feared he would be a bad influence on them. She explained: "I was worried about the environment I was bringing our first daughter Aimee into. I was very worried for her. But I knew if I protected her enough and showed her the right way, she would stay on my path."

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