Paris Hilton is back with her sometime boyfriend Stavros Niarchos.The hotel heiress and the Greek shipping heir - who announced their split in May this year - have recently been seen canoodling on several occasions and spent Friday night together. The couple were photographed leaving Los Angeles nightclub Little Door and the waiting paparazzi followed them back to Paris' house. One snapper said: "They dashed out of the club together and raced back home. When they arrived at the house Paris announced, 'I'm going to bed', and then dragged Stavros inside."Last week, 'The Simple Life' star was seen wearing an open locket with two pictures of her and Stavros inside it. One photograph showed Paris, 25, and 21-year-old Stavros kissing and another shows them cuddled up cheek-to-cheek.
Why don't you all just have a orgy. Paris, Britney and Ho Lindsay!

Stavros Niarchos-Lindsay Lohan-Paris Hilton