Public Relations Guru Al Gore

Lindsay Lohan has asked former American Vice President Al Gore to help her clean up her image. In an email written by the 20-year-old actress to friends and lawyers she states she is sick of her portrayal in the media and wants to hold a press conference to state her opinions on "how our society should be educated for the better of our country."According to the New York Post newspaper, Lindsay writes: "Al Gore will help me. He came up to me last night and said he would be very happy to have a conversation with me."If he is willing to help me, let's find out. Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Evan Metroplis and John Daur who works with them would be willing, if we just ask. If we just ASK."The 'Mean Girls' star - whose rambling email is littered with spelling and grammatical errors - summons what she bizarrely calls the "way of the future-Howard Hughes" to help her "release a politically/morally correct,fully adequite letter to the press."I want to hold a press conference. And will do anything necessary to do so."Lindsay says she wants to state her views on "our people", adding: "Because I have such an impact on our younger generations, as well as generation solder than me. Which we all know and can obviously see."The 'Just My Luck' actress insists she has had enough of the negative press coverage she receives, because she is at "such a young and tender age in a woman's life."She ranted: "It's enough already, I've had enough and I am going to be the one to make a change."Let's sue the tabloids for saying the things they say. Defamation of character."It's my life. I want to live it. People cannot lie and think that it is okay to continue on having done so. I have had many ups and downs, as do we all. But to make false accusations to one girl is unjust in my opinion. I am willing to do anything I need to get my life the way it should be."Lindsay's representative, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, refused to comment.

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