Jessica Simpson has to have her movie lines fed to her by a microphone in her ear - because she is struggling to remember them.The actress - who is currently filming romantic comedy 'Blonde Ambition'with Luke Wilson - is apparently finding it too hard to learn her lines and has turned to the producers for help. A source is quoted by the Popsugar website as saying: "After the seventh take on the shoot, the director hid a microphone in her ear so a crew member could feed her lines. Everyone was embarrassed for her, but she laughed it off, saying, 'I'm sorry everyone. I'm sorry.'"However, Jessica's problems are said to have left her co-star unfazed.The source added: "Luke patted Jessica on the back and told her it would be OK."Jessica - who plays a young woman climbing the male-dominated business ladder - made her acting debut as hot pant-clad Daisy Duke in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.