Danny Devito drunk on The View

George Clooney says he woke up tipsy after a "brutal night" out on the town with his pal Danny DeVito. "Well the funniest thing was, ah, you know, we were just at a restaurant," Clooney says in an interview to air Monday on NBC's "Today" show. "It wasn't like we were out drinking. We were at a restaurant, sitting down, drinking. I was in bed by 11:30 at night and I woke up at, you know, 7 (a.m.) and I was still drunk (laughs). ... It was a brutal night." Clooney, 45, tells "Today" co-host Matt Lauer that he and DeVito "were doing shots of limoncello and that's all I can really say on the subject." He also tells Lauer it is "all I can remember." DeVito made a loopy appearance Wednesday on ABC's "The View," saying he'd had a late night out with Clooney. "I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that was going to get me," said the 62-year-old actor, who was promoting his new comedy, "Deck the Halls." When Lauer asks Clooney how much was consumed, he replies: "A lot. ... I got to the point where I was dumping the shots into, ah, you know, a plant next to me and, um, I don't think ... I don't think Danny saw me do that." DeVito slurred his speech and used some bad language when joking about President Bush, among other gaffes, during his appearance on "The View."

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