Beyoncé Knowles almost didn't get the part in 'Dreamgirls' because her voice was too good.The singer plays soul diva Deena Jones in the Oscar-tipped movie but almost missed out on the part because her voice is so much more powerful than her character's. Beyoncé told Vanity Fair magazine: "My usual performance style - the energy and the dancing and my growling - is the complete opposite of Deena. They didn't know if I could be understated, and if I could play the part, basically."Vocally, I had to completely hold back, I had to whisper things."The 25-year-old star insisted on doing her own hair and makeup for the audition to make sure she looked the part but says she was still the most nervous she has ever been. Beyoncé said: "I was terrified, which worked out great because I was supposed to be 16 and I was nervous and I'd never done a talent show, so it helped."