Move over High Hefner: That’s famous international sex therapist Dr Judy Kuriansky surrounded by a gaggle of gorgeous gals, poised on a hot motorcycle. The scene is a booth at last weekend’s Sexpo in Singapore, an exhibition of gadgets, gifts and gab, held in this city/state known for caning public displays of chewing gum, much less kissing or oral sex. Crowds ogled the Australian AXQUISITE models strutting on a runway in evening gowns and “Dreamgirl” skimpy costumes, from the typical female cop complete with billy club to the more unusual (any less erotic?) taxi driver and card dealer! “We were going to do the lingerie, but scrapped the idea the last minute,” business development director Vic J. Mannar admitted, to avoid any trouble. (Auxiliary cops did stand by a private room with two Asian girls dancing, and another tent housing Asian girls dressed in leather and a maid outfit, pole dancing). Mannar, managing director of his own Oil and Gas company by day, hopes to start a beauty pageant in this part of the world, noting, “Our Western ‘Dream Girls’ have more style, confidence, charisma – and curves – and love to show off their bodies more than the local girls, that fascinates the Asian men.” Lines of Asian guys shelled out $5 to take their photo with the likes of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Australia, Miss Bikini World Australia.