Courtney Love is helping Pete Doherty quit drugs.The singer - who was once forced to enter rehab to avoid a jail sentence -has been offering advice to the troubled Babyshambles front man. Courtney said: "I've talked to him on the phone. The threat of jail scared the living crap out of me."The blonde rocker, the widow of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, has told Pete he needs to put his whole heart into trying to get clean or he will fail. She explained: "I think you have to really want it and you have to seek it for yourself'."Courtney, 42, also revealed she is desperate to resolve her long-running feud with Madonna - but isn't willing to make the first move. She said: "Could someone please make peace between Madonna and me? We have not spoken since her wedding. I want to make peace but I am not going to make the first move."The pair fell out at the 1995 MTV VMA Awards when Courtney crashed Madonna's interview and threw a make-up mirror at her. Now Courtney is hoping British comedian Russell Brand could help the pair become friends again. She said: "I want Russell to go up to her and mediate. Is no one going to make the peace between Madonna and me?"

Pete Doherty with girlfriend Kate Moss