Cameron Diaz spent her teenage years smoking marijuana and surfing.The 34-year-old California native - who is currently starring in 'The Holiday' with Kate Winslet - has revealed she would spend many long summer days riding waves and getting high with her friends. She told Britain's GQ magazine: "It took two hours to get there on the bus. You stayed all day, ate corn dogs. It wasn't the 'California Dreamin'' thing. We had only $2 for a joint."Cameron - who is still a regular surfer - is such a fan of extreme sports that she pulled out of her last movie because it clashed with the snowboarding season.The newly brunette actress was due to star alongside Jim Carrey in comedy 'A Little Game' but the two stars decided to quit the project. She explained: "The studio decided at the last minute, after three months of revisions on the script, to rewrite the thing completely."I was like, 'This isn't the movie I thought I was doing.' I wasn't really looking to work anyway. It's almost snowboarding season."

Cameron Diaz