Paris Hilton has snubbed her own hotel chain. The socialite, the heir to the Hilton hotel empire, spent just one day atthe Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, London, before moving to Covent Garden's St Martin's Lane Hotel on Sunday evening. A source said: "She just checked out at 11pm and didn't say a word. The doorman says she only ever stays here for one night when she is on her own."A Hilton Hotel source says Paris spent the whole day in her 2 grand-a-nightsuite before checking out. The source revealed: "Paris had a very late night and didn't get back to the hotel until 7 am on Sunday. She was out clubbing with friends. "Hotel guests were reportedly relieved by Paris' departure as she had been partying with friends in her room all day. One guest said: "She was making a lot of noise. She was drinking champagne and blasting out music. "The 25-year-old reportedly checked out of the Hilton, popular among businessmen, and moved to the Covent Garden hotel because it was recently named as one of the coolest places to be seen in London.Paris' close friend Amy Sacco is due to open a new nightclub there next year and Paris is expected to become a regular visitor. A Hilton Hotel spokesman insisted: "Paris was only meant to be staying for one night. There was no falling out - she always stays in different hotels when she is in London to get away from everyone and to relax elsewhere. "Paris is in the UK capital for the World Music Awards at Earls Court tomorrow.