Robert Redford walked from his hotel in today’s soaking rain without an umbrella to the Museum of TV and Radio to a press conference where he announced a new project connected with his Sundance Film Festival. Redford, unable to get a taxi, walked right past the girl who was waiting for him outside that when she realized he had entered the building forgot to close her umbrella as she rushed back inside which got caught in the door. “Oh, shit!” she said as she struggled to close the umbrella jammed in the doorway, so she could get into the elevator with him before it closed.Every citizen who has a cell phone in every country worldwide will be invited to view short film projects made especially for mobile cell phones by six previous high caliber participants who have screened their indy films at the annual Sundance Film Festival. There will be 5 short films in all to be shown at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain between February 12 and 15 in 2007 to 50,000 visitors and will be available for cell phone download during the congress and later for broader distribution through mobile carriers immediately following the event. With Redford were John Cooper of Sundance who will oversee the project and Bill Gajda who is the collaborating Marketing Officer from GSMA that serve more than 2 billion mobile phone customers across the globe.
Said the casually dressed Redford in jeans, open shirt and a black jacket, who removed his eyeglasses for only a nano-second: “Cell phones are fast becoming the fourth screen medium, after television, cinema and computers. It will be like watching comic strips where a few frames tell the whole story. We are excited about bringing this opportunity to independent filmmakers and most excited to see what they will do with this new experimental platform.” Redford saw his daughter Amy perform last night in her Broadway stage debut. With him were collaborators from GSMA that serve more than 2 billion mobile phone customers across the globe.