Simon Cowell has vowed to never marry - because he is scared he will suffer the same fate as Sir Paul McCartney. The British music mogul - whose is worth an estimated in the millions - insists he was turned off the idea of marriage following the former Beatle's highly publicised divorce from Heather Mills. Simon, who has been with girlfriend Terri Seymour for around four years, said in an interview with Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Marriage is not for me. It just feels really out of date."Ask Paul McCartney what he thinks about marriage right now. If Paul hadn't married Heather he wouldn't be in the mess he's in now. Simple as that."Despite his reluctance to walk down the aisle, Simon doesn't think Terri would behave the same way as Heather - who has accused Paul of being physically abusive to her during their marriage and is demanding millions of his fortune in her divorce settlement. He added: "I must stress that Terri is not Heather Mills - thank God! Terri is just not like that. But when you've worked hard for your money, you've got to look after yourself."The 47-year-old star also admits he is too old to start a family. He said: "I think at my age it's too late to have children. Work dominates everything for me so I won't be having my own children."