A new Borat book has been shelved because it contains 100 photographs of naked Kazakhstan women. British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who created the fictional reporter Borat, wants the book to accompany his new movie 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' - but US publishers fear stores will not sell it. Cohen has reportedly hired models to pose as Kazakhstan women in various states of undress and some photographs are said to be extremely explicit. British publisher Boxtree has agreed to release the book in the UK - where Cohen's Ali G book was a bestseller. However, the Ali G book failed to sell in the US because it contained some rude photographs - and publishers fear the same thing will happen with the Borat book. Kazakhstan Embassy spokesman Roman Vassilenko is furious with Cohen's depiction of women. He fumed: "Kazakhstan is a moral country, and women have always played an important part in society. The only true thing about Kazakhstan in the movie is its geographic location."Cohen - who only gives interviews as his alter-ego 'Borat' - recently told US chat show host David Letterman that one of his hobbies was, "taking photos of ladies while they make toilet".