Eric Bana has revealed that Steve Irwin asked him to play him in a movie of his life shortly before his death.The late Crocodile Hunter, who became friends with Bana earlier this year,was reportedly so impressed with the Australian actor's performance in 'Munich' he begged him to take the role. Irwin's close friend and producer, John Stainton, revealed: "When Steve met Eric he said, 'Eric, you have to promise me one thing mate. You have to play me when I die.' Eric shook his hand and said, 'You've got yourself a deal.'"Irwin passed away in September after a stingray barb pierced his heart,while he was filming a documentary in Australia. While there are no immediate plans to make a movie about the wildlife expert, Stainton has promised to uphold his late friend's request. He insisted: "If we ever did make a movie I would have to get Eric Bana and honor Steve's wishes."Bana, 38, isn't the first actor to be linked to the Irwin role. Irwin's friend Russell Crowe was also mentioned, but quickly slammed the rumors, fuming: "It's appalling to me and offends me very deeply. It's so awful that I have to deal with millions of people thinking I would dance on my friend's grave."