Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher used to inject lager directly into his veins because he thought it would make him get drunk quicker. The Oasis singer's older brother Noel claims he had to do all the hard work in the band's early days while Liam was testing out his unusual theory. Noel said: "Back in the 90s while I was grafting, he was shooting Stella into his arms 'cos he thought it would main line into his brain quicker."The songwriter has also confessed he loves it when Liam writes a bad song because he enjoys hearing the critics slam his younger sibling. Noel, 39, said: "Liam used to say in interviews, 'Noel won't let me write.'"So I was like, 'Well write one, and we'll take it from there.'"I'm glad he's done it, because the great ones are great and the shit ones he gets slagged off for. And there's nothing I like more than reading people slagging Liam off!"