Kirstie Alley has confessed to gorging herself on 8,000 calories a day when she was at her fattest. The 'Cheers' star - who went on a strict diet last year and this week appeared on Oprah Winfrey's chat show wearing just a bikini now she has lost 75 pounds - revealed how bad her binges had become when she hit a massive 220 pounds. Among the calorific treats the 'Fat Actress' star indulged in on a daily basis were a steak, half a loaf of French bread, six cups of pasta, 20 sugar-free Popsicles, potato chips, two burritos and a dozen grape sodas. Kirstie, 55, said: "I had a holiday mentality. I ate with wild abandon. Six, seven, eight thousand calories a day."And then I thought I'm old, I'm fat. What am I worth? "Last year, Kirstie, who is 5ft 8ins became a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig diet program and vowed to get her figure back in time to appear on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' in her bikini within a year. She achieved her goal this week.The 'Look Who's Talking' actress said: "I feel happy with the way I look and feel. For me, that's the greatest thing that's happened."The bikini thing is neither here nor there, other than the fact, you know,I am 55 years old. So I thought - come on, we are all good enough. And we look good enough. And we are not our bodies."