Jude Law is desperate to be a Bond villain. The British actor has revealed that, contrary to rumors, he was never offered the role of 007 in new film 'Casino Royale' - a part which eventually went to Daniel Craig - but insisted he would have turned down the role anyway in favor of playing a baddie. He told British TV show 'Film 2006': "The Bond part never actually came my way. But then if I ever played James Bond that would rule out ever playing a baddie wouldn't it, and I would love to play a Bond baddie. "The 'Breaking and Entering' star added that his favorite villains are the ones with physically abnormalities, including Jaws - who had teeth made of metal. He added: "What happened to the villains with distorted features? They should come back, they were the best."I could have three nipples or a gross face and a misshapen nose. "Meanwhile, Jude - who last year admitted to cheating on girlfriend Sienna Miller with his children's nanny - has been voted the second best movie heartbreaker of all time, for his portrayal of womaniser Alfie in the 2004 remake of the cult 1966 film. The survey, conducted by the British Heart Foundation, named Daniel Cleaver, the good-looking boss that breaks Bridget Jones' heart played by Hugh Grant, as the top love rat.