Madonna and kids

Madonna's new son has started calling her "mama".The 'Hung Up' singer - who has been granted an interim adoption order for the 13-month-old Malawi boy whose own mother died after child birth -revealed that baby David already recognises her as his new mother. She told TV presenter Nancy O'Dell: "He doesn't have that many words. He says bye bye, bah bah and mama. That's his vocabulary right now."The 48-year-old singer - who is sharing custody of the boy with husband Guy Ritchie - also described the first time her two children, six-year-old Rocco and Lourdes, nine - from Madonna's relationship with fitness instructor Carlos Leon - met their new brother. She said: "He arrived at 7 o'clock in the morning and the children were getting ready for school. We were all in the kitchen and the door opened, it was just really quiet and my nanny walked in carrying David and the children just ran to him. Lola grabbed him and held him and it was just this strange quiet moment. It was amazing."Madonna also revealed that her daughter thought her new brother was a birthday present, and was "bummed out" when she returned home from Malawi without him. She added: "She thought that was going to be her birthday present. So she kept saying every day, 'Is David coming? When's he going to get here?'