Small actor Alec Baldwin is demanding his narration of a new documentary on Arnold Schwarzenegger be removed because it contains footage of Nazi rallies. 'The Departed' actor agreed to record the narration for 'Running With Arnold', which focuses on the 'Terminator' star's rise to political power as the governor of California, after reading the script. However, Baldwin was horrified when he went to record his dialogue and saw footage of Nazi rallies and information linking friends of Schwarzenegger and his father to the fascist party included in the film. In a posting on the Huffington Post website, Baldwin - who is a supporter of Schwarzenegger as a politician - writes: "I was somewhat dismayed by some of the images. The filmmakers hammer Schwarzenegger over his private behaviour and his record as governor. But Schwarzenegger deserves to be treated fairly and the film's images of Nazi rallies were over the line. "Baldwin wrote to the makers and demanded his voice be removed, giving assurances that he would return his fee in full. He also instructed his legal team to issue a cease-and-desist demand. One scene in the documentary shows the Nazi party paperwork of Schwarzenegger's father. Another shows a photograph of Kurt Waldheim - the former president of the action star's native country Austria, who was invited but did not attend the actor's wedding - dressed in his World War II Wehrmacht uniform.