JAMES EDSTROM.....I"M A LEGEND AT 46...........................................

As I write this my sister Leslie will say "Why do you write this stuff? It Makes you look bad." I write this to have a record. I write this to be me. I write this because I don't care what people think. I'm Maybe here to tell you some stories, that is what this started out as. Now I find I'm looking at my numbers, how many hit's did I get tonight on my website. Thats not why I was writing this, but in the short time I have been here everyone wants to know numbers, which I can check at a click of my mouse. I am getting huge numbers, very huge for a site that has been around for only a few weeks. I find this very hard now, everyone wants a story every day. They want several stories. If I don't write, my numbers go down, my ratings go down. I am very hot right now in my website and my life. Everyone wants to know me and to have me photograph them, not because of the website, but because I have been around so long. I'm a legend at 46. I'm on TV, Radio and in the paper all the time. I show up at events and some Public Relations intern will come up to me and ask me who I am and when I tell them they say "You're James Edstrom, right this way". They can't believe it's me. Why? Big fucking deal !

I only understand this in a limited way. I know I'm on TV and Radio. I'm not big. I know I photograph the stars, I know I'M written about everywhere but to me I go out and take a picture and show the world and thats it. I go home. I only understand this in a limited way. It's no big deal to me. It's what I just do. I just live and work in Times Square. Somehow I am involved in the biggest stories, I don't know why. Weather it's the World Trade Center Bombing or the JonBonet murder, I'm somehow involved. I just am,and this happens all the time. To me it's normal, just normal. It's like the time when we first got attacked in NYC. Everyone was going crazy. I would go 3 blocks and I would run into a bomb scare. I was trying to get to a friends house and every time something would happen and I'd run home to send the NY Post the pics. Finally the NY Post editor who was on duty who was new and didn't know me asked " why are you always there?. I'm sure he thought I was planting the bombs for a good exclusive....LOL...

But i'm here. It's not because I live in Times Square, this happens to me everywhere. I could be anywhere and this happens. It is a little wierd, but it is normal to me even know I know it's not normal. It happens all the time. I don't know why. I'm sure I will die in one of these stories. That I am very sure of and thats the way I want to go.