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Sen. Kamala Harris doubles down on her criticism of former Vice Pres. Joe Biden's record: "I have no intention of attacking Joe Biden but I am going to point out our differences of opinion."

On confrontation with former VP Joe Biden in the first debate regarding his record on busing:
"I have no intention of attacking Joe Biden but I am going to point out our differences of opinion... Listen, this is a presidential race... We're on a debate stage and if you have not prepared and you're not ready for someone to point out a difference of opinion.... then you're probably not ready."

On Alex Acosta's role in Jeffrey Epstein case:

“Any prosecutor worth his salt knows this is the exact kind of case that is typical of somebody who preyed on children. And that case should go before a jury and that person should go to prison for a long period of time.”

“The thing I found so troubling, disheartening and really unbelievable was the way that Acosta has described the challenge... it’s like saying it’s really difficult to make an omelet... Well then get out of the kitchen.

"He let this guy go with nothing but a simple, very light pat on the hand.”

On Democrats infighting:

“'Make America Great Again' begs the question for whom?" Harris questions. "He has betrayed so many of those people… We're going to prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump, and there is a long rap sheet.”

On Donald Trump Jr. retweeting a post that questioned her racial identity:
"It's an old playbook. They've done this before. we've seen this movie before and frankly, I just have to tell you I find it really uninteresting."

On healthcare and her plan for Medicare for all: 

"We have a problem in America, which is that we have millions of people who do not have access to healthcare simply because they cannot afford it. Access to healthcare should be a right and not a privilege."

On closing the racial wealth gap:

"We have had a history of redlining, of excluding in particular African-American families from buying homes. I intend to deal with that by giving people who are living in federally subsidized housing, a federal grant that will help them put down payments on homes."

On undocumented border crossing:

"We have to have a secure border, but I am in favor of saying we are not going to treat people who are undocumented and cross the border as criminals... I would not make it punishable by jail. It should be a civil enforcement issue, but not a criminal one."

Additional Highlights

Hot Topics: Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigns

"We need to know why the hell he cut that deal, " Ana Navarro says.

"I don't think Trump forced him to resign... He supports his people bar none. I don't know where the pressure came from but I do not think it came from the top," Sunny Hostin says. 

"Remember, Acosta is a Cuban- American -- a very important base group for Donald Trump and for the Republican party. So I think there's a lot of politics at play here," Navarro adds.

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