Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff

Susan Allen And Martin Shafiroff

Elizabeth Shafiroff With Daisy

Robert Chaloner With  Jean Shafiroff And Tom Edmonds

The Southampton Historical Museum hosted a book talk and signing for Jean Shafiroff’s Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give on Saturday.

Malan Breton With Katlean de Monchy And Montgomery Frazier

Liz Derringer
The signing kicked off with Tom Edmonds, Executive Director of the Southampton Historical Museum, welcoming everyone before Bob Challoner, president and CEO of the Southampton Hospital, introduced Shafiroff to guests including her husband Martin Shafiroff and daughter Elizabeth Shafiroff, President of Southampton Hospital Foundation Steve Bernstein, Patrick McMullan, Cassandra Seidenfeld, published author Maureen Klinsky, Marion Piro, Kathleen de Monchy, Zita Davisson, architect Gary Lawrance, Debra Tanger, Maureen Doyle, Oscar Mandes, philanthropists Myra and Frank Wesier, MD., Lucia Hwong Gordon, Fashion Designer Malan Breton, Montgomery Frazier and Susan Allen.

Zita Davisson With  Gary Lawrance

Tom Edmonds With  Jean Shafiroff And  Patrick McMullan

Dr. Frank Weiser & Myra Weiser
The book, which Georgina Bloomberg wrote the introduction for, is a practical guide to modern giving that redefines philanthropy for today¹s era. Far more than making monetary donations, philanthropy today encompasses giving time and knowledge, resources that can be just as valuable as financial contributions. Whether you¹re a new philanthropist, a member of a charity's Board of Directors, or just getting started as a volunteer, Successful Philanthropy offers the practical guidance and inspiring perspective that empowers all of us to take part in building a better world. ³Successful Philanthropy: How To Make A Life By What You Give"